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Are ebooks and discount retailers a threat?

Thanks to Deborah Duke of the Fort Worth Library for this article about how ebooks and discount retailes are making some in the bookselling biz very nervous.

In addition to the retail battle of the books, as the printed word moves inevitably toward an electronic future, accessibility increases while costs decrease. can deliver Hilary Mantel’s huge Booker Prize-winning novel, “Wolf Hall” – $27 retail – in 60 seconds to your Kindle for $9.99. The device boasts more than 360,000 titles and 101 of the 112 current New York Times Best-Sellers.

I love my iphone with the Kindle app because of the price structure and the convenience.  I am not going to pay $27 for a book that I can get through my phone for $9.99 instantly.  That would be insane!   In my place, what reasons would I have to purchase a hard copy.  Anybody?

BTW, don’t expect this kind of frequency in blog postings after this week.

For the first time in my recent memory, I have been in the office all week.   It was a nice break from the constant meetings, but the real world invades again next week.  My plan is one blog post a week.


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December 10, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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