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Libraries: Partners in Sustaining Communities

Here is a great article written by a city administrator on the importance of the public library to the community.  It is somewhat older, March 2008, but it is still very relevant, especially to my identity crisis series.

A sense of place. Libraries, often located between work and home, provide a “third place.” They are visible symbols of a local government’s civic presence. Libraries are free. They are available to everyone and, in a sense, are the great societal equalizer, a manifestation of democracy. The rich and the poor can sit side by side at a reference desk, can check out the same books, and can attend the same book discussion groups.

Libraries are usually comfortable places where toddlers sit in a circle with their parents to hear a story, young children go to select their “own” books, teenagers go for help with a school research project or to investigate financial aid for college, recent graduates interested in starting a business attend workshops on business planning, and seniors learn computer skills, join a book club, or volunteer. Libraries are central to a community as a place for all people.

So do you agree?  Are libraries “the great societal equalizer?”


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February 15, 2010 at 4:40 pm

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