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The National Broadband Plan and Libraries

If you did not get a chance to look over the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, you should take a moment to read it.  It has several recommendations for Congress to consider that involve public libraries directly.  It is exciting to read about libraries playing a valuable role in our communities when it comes to broadband.  Although, it seems that some of the “Special Interests Groups” have already started to rally Congress against the plan.  ALA has their own take on it.

Here at NTLP, we have made information literacy, which the plan labels as digital literacy, a focus of our literacy efforts for the upcoming fiscal year.  I am hoping that with this emphasis at the federal level, we will see more opportunities to fund information literacy projects.

As the monthly theme of my Identity Crisis series  is “Where have all the Newspapers Gone?”  I thought this was appropriate blog post for me.   I am curious to find out what happens to mainstream news and information when newspapers lose even more of their significance in our society.  What role will the library play when it comes to being a place citizens can go to get news and information in a non-threatening, non-biased fashion?  When the newspapers disappear altogether, what will be the role of the library in disseminating information?  Do we take a more proactive approach than we do today?  And, if we do, do we provide this information in conjunction with teaching individuals good information(digital) literacy?  What do you think?


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March 19, 2010 at 10:38 am

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