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First Sale Rights and Ebooks

Happy New Year!

I made a promise to myself this year to do more to communicate through my blog, facebook and twitter.  My goal is to attempt to post something at least twice a week.   I am a busy guy and very lousy at keeping resolutions so we will see how things go.

Before I went on vacation over the holidays, I read a very interesting article in the December edition of Computers in Libraries titled, First Sale Rights, Autodesk, Redbox and the Future of Libraries written by Samuel Liston.  In it, Samuel does a very nice job of summing up what is happening with First Sale Rights today and how it will impact libraries in the future.  Just as a reminder, First Sale Rights state that once a copyright holder sells a copy of his or her work, the purchaser can do whatever they want with that copy.    Ebooks are licensed and do not answer to the First Sale doctrine.   Samuel makes two salient points at the end of his article, on page 20,  which has a direct impact on libraries.

1.  Barring a reversal by the Supreme Court or legislative action, libraries in the digital future will lose the legal right to lend materials. Such rights would instead need to be directly negotiated with publishers.

2.  Publishing conglomerates have an interest in curtailing free or low cost lending or rentals. This has been explicitly stated in public by representatives from the film and music divisions of the same conglomerates.

I would recommend reading this article and taking his suggestions to heart.  You can find the article at where you can purchase the full text.

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January 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

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